How I came to coach...

Welcome to Life By Design Coaching and thanks for visiting! My name is Sara Bejar, and I am a Personal Development and Life Transitions Coach. This is my story (the condensed version) of how I came to coach...

After many years in the legal field, I began to feel a tug on my soul. Although I didn't know it at the time, the tug was the Universe's attempt to guide me to where I was supposed to be. I stifled that voice and managed to ignore the feeling that something was missing—for a few years.

Then came the death of my father. After his death I found myself acutely aware of the Universe's pull, and almost overnight its strength quadrupled, I'm talking a Lou Ferrigno situation here! So, I took my new knowledge gained from my recent 'Life is Short, Nothing is Promised 101' lesson and I began a Journey to the Center of My Soul. Unfortunately, I quickly got lost because I had no map. In my defense, I have a terrible sense of direction.

Set adrift in this new territory and bearing the burden of the directionally challenged, I only had a few things keeping me grounded. First, I knew I wanted to feel like I was making a positive difference in the lives of others. I wanted to connect with people on a very real level, using my strengths—honesty, perspective, and humor. I wanted to love what I do. I wanted to COACH!

For the first time in my life I truly believed (and still do) that my most difficult and most wonderful life experiences had been delivered to me by the Universe with purpose. The death of both my parents, enduring a tumultuous and toxic relationship with a step parent, and my battle with generalized anxiety and panic attacks, coupled with becoming a wife and mother, and having unconditional loving relationships, have all prepared me to serve my purpose. Put simply, that purpose is assisting others in becoming empowered to live their best lives.  It's as C.S. Lewis said "Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny." 

So, here I am! I truly believe I'm on the path the Universe set for me, which is why I'm working diligently at obtaining my Certified Coach credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF). I'm doing all of this while partnering with clients to identify their purpose, set and attain goals, and work side-by-side through their life transitions. 

Here I am, designing the life I want to live!

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